0.2ml Flat PCR Tube 2.2ml 96 Well Storage Plate
15ml & 50ml Combined type Four Faces Rack Four Faces Rack
80 Place Double Rack Cryo Storage Boxes (N2 Freezer Box)
81 Place Freezer Box 100 Place Freezer Box
96 Place PCR Tube Rack 96 Well Plate Lid
96 Well Plate 96Well Adhesive Foil Seal
QPCR 96 well Adhesive Seal Strips of 8 Domed Caps
Half-Skirted 96 well PCR Plate Hybridization Bags
Pipetting Holder Pipetting reservior
PP microcentrifuge sample pestle 96-384 Microplate Replicator
Stainless Storage cryo box racks Electroporation cuvettes
Ice buckets and Ice pans  




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