Basicpipette is an electronic pipette controller designed for use with graduated and volumetric glass and plastic pipets. The ergonomic design make it very easy handle and operate. The pipetting speed can be controlled by push buttons or continuous speed control regulator. The dispense can be driven by gravity or blow-out with push button. The re-chargeable Lithium battery is the most advanced nattery technology available in the market.

The pipette controller holder with optional magnet enables the users to hang the unit on the wall or laminar flow. UV-resistant plastic materials enables the unit to endure short period of time of UV light.
















      Powerful Lithium battery, No memory effect

      Continuous speed control wheel

      Blow-out and gravity dispense selection

      Dangerous fume or liquid protective hole

      Single-handed OperationSelf-inverted on the bench

      UV-resistant housingComplies with CE and RoHS

      Light-weighted; 167g, including a battery


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