Lambda DNA Hind III Marker

100ug/ 200ul




Lambda DNA /Hind III Markers are prepared by digesting Lambda DNA with Hind III, followed by heat-inactivation of the enzyme. The DNA fragments are then ethanol-precipitated and resuspended in the storage buffer. The Marker is suitable for size and quantitative of linear double-stranded DNA fragments and the fragments is contains  23,130;  9,416; 6,557; 4,361; 2,322; 2,027; 564, 125

Storage Buffer: 10mM Tris-HCl (pH 8.0), 1mM EDTA.

Concentration: 0.2-0.5g/l.

Number of Bands: 8.

Storage  -20C.

Attention! The cohesive ends of fragments 1 and 4 may cause formation of extra band 27491 bp. The fragments may be separated by heating to 65C for 3 minutes before loading the sample on the gel.



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Lambda DNA Hind III Marker
100 ug




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