BIOLADDER® Standard Unstained Protein marker









BIOLADDER® standard unstained protein marker , protein molecular weight marker is idea for the application of SDS-PAGE. High quality with low background help researchers gets the perfect data with accurate molecular weight reference. The dye included and no dilution needed design for Ready to use. Package is good for high applications up to 100 mini-gels or 50 stand-gels ( 4~5 ul / lane).

Applicable Applications:  SDS-PAGE, Silver Stain.

BIOLADDER® Protein marker


MW (Daltons)

Phosphorylase b

97 kDa

Bovine serum albumin

66 kDa

Recombinant protein 2

45 kDa

Recombinant protein 1

29 kDa

Trypsin inhibitor

20 kDa


13 kDa



Specifications of BIOLADDER® Protein marker

No. of  Bands


Size range

13 ~ 97 kDa

Type of usage

dye included for ready to use

Total Volume(ul)

250 ul

Storage condition(oC)

-20 oC

Shipping condition (oC)

-20 oC

Shelf life

1 year at –20 oC










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BIOLADDER® Standard Unstained Protein marker
250 ul




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