yT&A clonong vector




Figure: Map and Sequence reference points of the yT&A cloning vector

*Before the insert is incorporated into the yT&A cloning vector, there is only one HindIII site and no Bg/II site. After the incorporation, the T and A nucleotide on the the insert will complement the sequence on the vector and generate these two new site. This merit of yT&A vector makes cloning more economical and convenient.

Experimental Data:

The result of ligation using the control insert DNA and reagents provided in yT&A cloning kit.

*In this colony PCR, the size of the band on the gel is larger than the insert DNA size by about 150bp.

文字方塊: Product NO.
yT&A Cloning Vector (20 reactions),25ng/ul
Control Insert DNA,10ng/ul




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